No-Intro Love Pack PowerShell Clean-Up Script

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Pr3tty F1y
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No-Intro Love Pack PowerShell Clean-Up Script

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Prefer to have your dats include homebrew, aftermarket and pirate dumps but sick of clicking so many check boxes and radio buttons?
Just don't have time to keep up downloading individual dats daily, but dealing with all the dats in the Love Pack is too onerous?

Well, if any of that sounds like you, I've created a PowerShell script that will:
  1. Search your current ROM manager's dat directory (and will recurse sub-directories if configured to do so)
  2. Identify the No-Intro dats that you currently have
  3. Then will extract the Love Pack zip that you downloaded and only keep the dats that you are already tracking in your ROM manager
Just download the No-Intro daily Love Pack zip and make sure you click to include Pirate, Homebrew, Aftermarket dumps if you're interested in those sets.

To configure the script, download the attachment and either "right-click -> Edit" it or open the script in your preferred text editor (e.g., Notepad, Notepad++, UltraEdit, etc.).

There are 4 variables that need to be configured at the top of the script:
  1. Set your ROM manager's dat directory
  2. Choose whether or not to recursively search sub-directories in that ROM manger dat directory
  3. Set your download path for the No-Intro Love Pack zip
  4. Choose whether to only retain NEWER versions of dats you already have or keep ALL versions (new + current) of dats you have (in case you want to refresh all of your dats)
After you run the script (right-click -> Run with PowerShell), you can then drag'n drop (at least in CLRMamePro) the extracted No-Intro Love Pack directory and it will only add the dats that you're already tracking and all of the other dats will be eliminated.

To be able to execute as a PowerShell script rename the extension of the attached text file from .txt to .ps1 (the forums, for your safety, won't allow a .ps1 extension as PowerShell scripts can potentially be dangerous if they are coded to be malicious).

I created this script myself and have had no issues with it, but I can't make an guarantees its bug free. If there are any bugs that are experienced, please reply here and I'll try to address them.
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