[Switch] Question about datting NSP files

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[Switch] Question about datting NSP files

Post by wfeltmate »

I've been going through and dumping my digital downloads, and I came across a few that didn't have matches in the DoM. As such, I've been going through the steps to try to dat them, and had (so far) two NCA files that gave a [note: cannot save bktr section without base romfs] message. When datting updates, should add a command to link to the basenca or not?

As well, on the guide for datting digital software, it simply says to dat the NCA files. I'm assuming this means the CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums, correct?
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Re: [Switch] Question about datting NSP files

Post by Hiccup »

There's no need to note that you need to have the base title to extract certain data from update titles - that's not unusual.

And yeah, when datting NCA files, you need the size in bytes, CRC32, MD5, SHA1 and SHA256.
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