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Hi, I have an evercade and all the games released so far. I haven't played with it yet because I wanted to dump the games and I think it saves to the cartridge and don't want to risk contaminating the data.

There is an article:

http://retrotechr.blogspot.com/2020/06/ ... e.html?m=1

This suggests that the cartridges are pretty much SD cards with a gameboy interface.

If I set up a similar reading setup and DD all the ROM data, would that make a decent dump? Would no intro be interested in such a project?
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Re: evercade

Post by Hiccup »

A dd dump should be fine. No-Intro would absolutely be interested :)
Its a very good idea to use this linux distro (as a live USB/DVD) to dump external media with much less risk of the operating system writing to it - by default, most operating systems will change the metadata on inserted media.
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