[SNES] Konami Anniversary Collections naming inconsistancy

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[SNES] Konami Anniversary Collections naming inconsistancy

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I noticed that the SNES roms from the Castlevania Anniversary Collection have "USA" and "Japan" as their regions, while the Contra Anniversary Collection roms all have "World" as a region:

Akumajou Dracula (Japan) (Castlevania Anniversary Collection)
Super Castlevania IV (USA) (Castlevania Anniversary Collection)

Contra III - The Alien Wars (World) (Contra Anniversary Collection)
Contra Spirits (World) (Contra Anniversary Collection)
Super Probotector - Alien Rebels (World) (Contra Anniversary Collection)

Shouldn't the region of the Castlevania roms changed to "World", too?

Also, "Contra Spirits (Japan) (En)" contains a language tag, but "Contra Spirits (World) (Contra Anniversary Collection)" does not.
As you get an Japanease text screen after you beat the game, I think it should not be tagged as English.
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