PS4 Updates

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PS4 Updates

Post by nitro322 »

Hi. I'm downloading updates for my PS4 games via, which seems to work well. I see that there's a category for this in dat-o-matic, with one update matching in the database, but 3 out of the first 4 games I've checked aren't listed at all, so I expect I'll have a number of new patches to add.

Since I have dumper rights, any objection to me adding the missing dumps? I haven't updated anything in dat-o-matic directly yet, so just being cautious more than anything else. If that's cool, I'll go ahead and add the first game/dump, post here for a quick verification, and assuming all goes well will knock out the rest of them myself.
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Re: PS4 Updates

Post by xuom2 »

no problem, but please send a PM to Landcross first, just to be sure you are doing things correctly.
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