[MSX2] Puyo Puyo

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[MSX2] Puyo Puyo

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Hello, I noticed that Puyo Puyo is missing from the MSX2 database

I think it should be added as its the first game in the Puyo Puyo series, and the MSX2 version has much better sound than the NES one
I've seen 3 dumps floating around on the internet but here is a dump which works with the English translation patch
I've played this dump and couldn't find any problems

Filename: Puyo Puyo (1991)(Compile).dsk
Size: 720 KiB
CRC-32: fafd2686
MD5: 95739c625ce050c2d90cb98d1cd4cc59
SHA-1: 5a105f111b744dfbf847adc4fb0f639c41496c30

Sorry if this is the wrong section
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