[NES] NES - Nintendo Switch Online

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[NES] NES - Nintendo Switch Online

Post by dreimer » 08 Sep 2019 14:36

Just checked the contents of Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online (USA, Europe) (eShop).nsp and Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online (World) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Ru) (v786432) (Update) (eShop).nsp and this is the result:

Valid ROMs and 1:1 in current Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (20190907-044000):
Adventures of Lolo (USA).nes
Balloon Fight (USA).nes
Baseball (USA, Europe).nes
Blaster Master (USA).nes
City Connection (USA).nes
Clu Clu Land (World).nes
Donkey Kong (World) (Rev 1).nes
Donkey Kong 3 (World).nes
Donkey Kong Jr. (World) (Rev 1).nes
Double Dragon (USA).nes
Dr. Mario (Japan, USA) (Rev 1).nes
Ghosts'n Goblins (USA).nes
Gradius (USA).nes
Ice Climber (USA, Europe, Korea).nes
Ice Hockey (USA).nes
Kid Icarus (USA, Europe) (Rev 1).nes
Kirby's Adventure (USA) (Rev 1).nes
Legend of Zelda, The (USA).nes
Mario Bros. (World).nes
Metroid (USA).nes
Mighty Bomb Jack (USA).nes
NES Open Tournament Golf (USA).nes
Ninja Gaiden (USA).nes
Pro Wrestling (USA) (Rev 1).nes
Punch-Out!! (USA).nes
River City Ransom (USA).nes
Soccer (Japan, USA).nes
Solomon's Key (USA).nes
Star Soldier (USA).nes
StarTropics (USA).nes
Super Dodge Ball (USA).nes
Super Mario Bros. (World).nes
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) (Rev 1).nes
Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA) (Rev 1).nes
Tennis (Japan, USA).nes
TwinBee (Japan).nes
Volleyball (USA, Europe).nes
Wario's Woods (USA).nes
Wrecking Crew (World).nes
Yoshi (USA).nes
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (USA).nes

Valid ROMs and 1:1 in current Nintendo - Family Computer Disk System (FDS) (20190815-131811):
[BIOS] Family Computer Disk System (Japan) (Rev 1).bin

Four are unknown:

CLV-P-NAAHE.nes (Not working Exitebike maybe??)
CRC32: CA3E6401
CRC64: 6715878914FB50BB
SHA256: 5D84FD1713020E563D24683A5BDC04D7EF785C1D9A61B1CBF543FF1F41370842
SHA1: 935327C65C7C97EA62197264CCFA1D64F628C9E5
BLAKE2sp: 96D304E76DBD2C1D239D4F3D08FD4A04920B1CA7C5E218BC4611E0234B2FDF6D

CLV-P-NACDE.nes (Tecmo Bowl with copyright 1990 instead of 1989 and other changes too)
SHA256: 8FE8EE535FA9716060EEB1E502057D719B41F3348766EE8FE362D3C004DC38B0
BLAKE2sp: 2C26ED0969F7EE9F67764C20AEBE2222E8657FC3DDF097B383191C9AD932226E

CLV-P-NACHE.nes (No clue, anything, but no NES format as it seems...)
CRC32: D64B6709
CRC64: BA6EA6AA57011CE1
SHA256: 5AC8CE07DA6775D4496075C0A9F69231A7046559DCA1987CA11933EDDCE4F0DE
SHA1: C8FD312EE7D732284EAF71176DC5634A9D465290

CRC32: 1C7AE5D5
CRC64: C424C2BB86486403
SHA256: FDC1A76E654FEEA993FCB38366E05EE5F4EB641F86FE6BEBAEEFD412E112DD72
SHA1: AF5AF53F66982E749643FDF8B2ACBB7D4D3ED229
BLAKE2sp: B66669D021AE7D21BD05062A979AE6A608A48C8E49071B287073224AB3A342BE

If someone wants to analyze them I can provide them via PM asking

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Re: [NES] NES - Nintendo Switch Online

Post by relax » 08 Sep 2019 15:59

Interesting finds. According to this source CLV-P-NAAHE is Excitebike and CLV-P-NACHE is Double Dragon II - The Revenge.

It means that the "SP"-games are just pacthes.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_ ... #NES_games

An analysis of the Famicom version would interesting as well, as it has some unique ROMs. I think the latest release is v851968 (4.0.0).

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Re: [NES] NES - Nintendo Switch Online

Post by dreimer » 08 Sep 2019 18:53

This stuff still is a bit too new as it seems. I tried to find it, but not really had any luck. Same for the SNES ones. (Seems like these are not in database yet, so no verify that I analyse the correct ones) If someone has more luck, just add your finding here. I will recheck as soon as I find what I need.

EDIT: Small sidenote. I once more edited my post in Trials of Mana thread... there ARE differences... Please re read it

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