CD-i cue files

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CD-i cue files

Post by Gefflon »

Recently some CD-i files were renamed (region fixes) which of course also needs changes in the .cue files.

Redump offers the cue files for download, since they do not contain any copyrighted information.

I don't see this on dat-o-matic. Are there any plans for that?
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Re: CD-i cue files

Post by Hiccup »

Yeah there are plans for that.
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Re: CD-i cue files

Post by xuom2 »

ok, we have a preliminary support.

don't send cue files as normal source "files" but as source "attachments".
1) when submitting them, flag them as "cue" in the submit form
2) replace file content that has to be replaced by archive title with #####

you should be able to download the cue with the correct content.
dom will change the file checksum, so once we confirm the new functions, they will be easily included in datfile.
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