Atari 2600 P/Clone XML is broken

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Atari 2600 P/Clone XML is broken

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I've been using dat-o-matic dats to organize my console rom collection, and it worked with every single system I tried (around 10 systems or so), except for the Atari 2600.

This issue with the Atari 2600 dats is being discussed by multiple users since November 2019, here: ... hread=3350

Here is the breakdown: If you download an Atari 2600 P/Clone XML dat and do not check the "Default parent if there is no P/C data" option, then you get an incomplete dat file, with many games missing (only 231 roms instead of 703 roms).

I tried both dat files on RomVault. They are both broken and produce incomplete datasets. You get a dataset missing most of the roms with names starting with letters D through Z; and missing many roms with names starting with the letter C. But it looks like all roms with names starting with letters 0 through B are correctly identified.

On the discussion I linked above, two users provided corrected dat files. I tried the dat file provided by Journey Over and only then I was able to obtain a complete set for the Atari 2600.
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