Anglosize - Why not glabalize?

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Anglosize - Why not glabalize?

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Rif: 145 Anglosize - Why not glabalize? \ RomUlan on 06th June 2004, 04:49 wrote:

1396 - Finding Nemo (E) (M2) [Ita-Spa].gba
1396 - Finding Nemo (E) (M2) [Ita-Esp].gba

1015 - Britney's Dance Beat (E) (M2) [Eng-Ger].gba
1015 - Britney's Dance Beat (E) (M2) [Eng-Deu].gba



/ SaiBork on 06-Jun-2004 18:42 wrote:

I don't want 'glabalization', because we also use (S) and (G) and not (Esp) and (Deu). So I think we should stick to what we have now :)


/ RomUlan on 07-Jun-2004 04:03 wrote:

using (S) and (G) because "Dats follow the GoodCodes naming convention" ???, is fine. However, if GoodCodes is the convention in this case, GoodCodes does not have (Ch) or (UE) as country codes.


/ xuom2 on 07-Jun-2004 09:58 wrote:

ok, the sentence "Dats follow the GoodCodes naming convention" will be removed.


/ RomUlan on 07-Jun-2004 22:50 wrote:

I haven't quite figured out yet how you all name those roms, but as you all can see I'm slowly but patiently getting there.

It would be easier just to ask directly but I wont do that unless there are others who are also interested.


/ SothoTalKer on 10-Jun-2004 20:58 wrote:

The dats don't follow the GNC exactly but they are derived from it.
Where new flags are needed, they will be made by the dats authors.
Useless flags will be removed, too.

I don't know what Cowering thinks about using his naming convention in these dats as they are something like a competion for his goodtools :P

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