Rom Tags (Specifically FDS Ones)

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Rom Tags (Specifically FDS Ones)

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Is there anywhere to learn what the parantheticals mean in the rom names? Specifically, what do (Disk Writer) and (DV) mean for FDS images? I know what the Disk Writers were, but does the (Disk Writer) tag mean the image is compromised in any way? I assume (Rev #) is typically better in some way the higher the number? Like they fixed bugs or something?

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Re: Rom Tags (Specifically FDS Ones)

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Mostly I got this by google. Disk Writer means that this was not sold in a physical copy, but only by loading it from a Disk Writer Station. DV means Disk Version aka newer version was made out of some reasons. If these are fixes or different stuff... No idea. Same goes for the REV tag. ROMs sometimes were re released with patches applied. Maybe fixes, maybe making cheat device users mad.
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