[SNES] Star Fox 2 1994-12-28 "Winter CES" beta

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[SNES] Star Fox 2 1994-12-28 "Winter CES" beta

Post by Screwtape »

Somebody filed an issue about bsnes not supporting the 1994-12-28 beta of Star Fox 2, and I was mystified because according to the Dat-o-Matic there is no such beta. Somebody kindly pointed me to the TCRF page about the beta, which says:
The Winter CES build of Star Fox 2 was among the source code leak from July 24, 2020.

The ROM can be found in other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\StarFox2\SF2\SF2_CES.ZIP
Has this beta been deliberately ignored, perhaps due to its dubious provenance? Or maybe it was overlooked?
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Re: [SNES] Star Fox 2 1994-12-28 "Winter CES" beta

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It may have been ignored for a bit because people weren't sure what do to with the ROMs originating from the leaks. But people haven't started to add unreleased GB ROMs, so I think this could be added too. It should be marked as "non-physical" and tagged with "Nintendo Leaks" (or something equivalent tag).
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