Sinclair ZX Spectrum Tapes?

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Tapes?

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I noticed No-Intro doesn't have a section for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Tapes. Would this be useful for anyone? I notice there is a section for Spectrum +3 Disks, but Tapes would be by far the biggest part of the library. It looks like C64 Tapes are included already. There are a few great sites that catalogue Spectrum Tapes, e.g. TZX Vault, World of Spectrum and TOSEC. The former two are based around distribution and exclude any publishers who object. For preservation purposes it would be nice to Dat/Redump everything to No-Intro standards.

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Re: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Tapes?

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I think its a good idea, if there is no equivalent database on another site.
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Re: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Tapes?

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On a related topic, the prototype BIOS for Sinclair ZX Spectrum was recently dumped. ... Prototype/
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Re: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Tapes?

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I'm drifting a bit but please also take a look at, they took the concept of .tzx tape dumping format and extended it to allow compatibility with MSX tapes.

(Never bothered to read too much technical data for .tzx format so I don't know how accurate it is to store all data contained in a tape but I think I remember it allowed to store data in different formats --e.g. a raw memory dump which shouldn't be considered a proper dumping at all--. That should be an issue to consider when creating a database that only contains proper dumps)

EDIT: There is another problem with .tzx format; it allows meta-data blocks (publisher, year, price...) which can be located at any position in the file. I'm pretty sure there are tools to remove this information but I created my own one a couple of years ago, please let me know if you need it.
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