NES dumping / rfdumper?

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NES dumping / rfdumper?

Post by maniac79 » 18 Apr 2020 19:30

Hey, thanks for having me.
I joined because I have recently started to look at the No-Intro Nintendo NES information in more detail and I noticed it seems there are quite a lot undumped NES ROMs. I have at least a few of these in my collection (I have a complete NES PAL B set).
To explain what I mean, I noticed there is only a confirmed UKV dump of the game „Action in New York“. The PAL B ROM may contain the exact same ROM but unless someone actually dumps it to compare it, we can‘t be sure and I would really like to know.

I would like to jump in on this but would need someone to guide me with the first steps and it would only work under certain circumstances.
I know there is the INLretro Dumper which I would prefer to own but it ships from the US which means I would have to pick it up from the „local“ customs office. Unfortunately, they are quite far away from where I live and their opening times are absolutely incompatible with my wirk hours, so INLretro Dumper is not an option here. :(

Hence I‘m looking for another solution, e.g. a Retrofreak device with custom firmware (rfdumper).
Would such NES dumps be acceptable? Or would it be a waste of money to order one for that purpose?
Any other options I‘m failing to see?

Thanks for reading.

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Re: NES dumping / rfdumper?

Post by BigFred » 19 Apr 2020 09:18

Welcome to the community :D

Can't you just pay the costom fees at a postal office or something? I ordered one of those in Germany and afair I could just pay the taxes when I received my package. They introduced a fee for this a few years ago but still better having to visit your local customs office. Usually you just have to visit their office in person if the value is not properly declared.

There is no rule regarding accepted dumping methods as long as you use a trustworthy solution. You should just dump it several times to make sure of your data (this steps includes removing and reinserting the cart before starting another attempt), compare it to known dumps and test it using emulators or real hardware.

To understand if your cart contains undumped ROMs in advance you could simply open the shell and check the ROM ids against the ones in the database. If they match there should be no difference at all.

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Re: NES dumping / rfdumper?

Post by skaman » 20 Apr 2020 04:40

sanni's Cart Dumper has support for NES/Famicom carts that use licensed mappers. The base cart dumper needs the appropriate adapters to handle NES or Famicom carts. The source code for the project is available so additional unlicensed mappers could be supported in the future.

The files for the project are here:

Discussion is held on the Arduino forum here:

If you're looking for a pre-built reader, then ask on the Arduino forum thread as there may be users that have complete units available.

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