Question/idea about the PS4 PSN datfile

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Question/idea about the PS4 PSN datfile

Post by Landcross » 08 Dec 2019 22:22

PS4 PSN content delivery splits pkg files larger than 4GB up into 4GB pieces. The reason for this is solely because the PS4 filesystem can't handle files larger than 4GB. Both before and after download, it was just a single pkg file. The separate pieces are not stand-alone files. The pkg only works if all pieces are put together. The current No-Intro PS4 datfile has all the pieces listed separately (under 1 game of course).

You can probably feel where I'm going with this... In my opinion, the datfile should contain the merged pkg files instead of the separate pieces. It makes more sense due to reasons I explained above and makes the datfile more manageble and usable.

Any other opinions on this matter? Should the datfile change? Or should there maybe be a 2nd datfile for merged files?

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Re: Question/idea about the PS4 PSN datfile

Post by scorp256 » 09 Dec 2019 15:48

On bluray files are not split. And if I understand correct there is big chance that PKG on disc will match by CRC merged PSN PKG.
So it seems correct to use only merged pkg, as they are just a split version of full PKG.

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Re: Question/idea about the PS4 PSN datfile

Post by Hiccup » 09 Dec 2019 20:56

As I said on VGPC, this seems like a totally transparent process, so converting all the data should be okay. But as not all the data may be obtainable, and the fact that people may still want the split files, I think I new "unsplit/merged/full" (whatever you want to call it) format should be added to the PS4 dat.

edit: although if possible it should be noted in the source comment if it was split on the server... just in case that info is somehow useful in the future.

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Re: Question/idea about the PS4 PSN datfile

Post by xuom2 » 31 Dec 2019 15:58

no problem, you can add a new "format" in DOM directly when you submit files.

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