Xbox One digital preservation

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Xbox One digital preservation

Post by Hiccup » 13 Oct 2019 17:31

I don't have an Xbox One or Windows 10, but those who do might be interested in having a look at this.

Two things:
1. It seems like Xbox One game packages are not per-console encrypted when downloading from the server, and you can see the URL and download them yourself.
(source: ... one.15280/)
The URLs are also not timed/signed. (source: me, trying a URL in the post above)

2. As of Windows 10 build 18334, you can download and play the game "State of Decay" free on a Windows 10 PC through the Microsoft Store. The store appears to download the game in the same way as the Xbox One does. In the future, Microsoft is planning to allow all/other Xbox One games to be played on PC. (source: ... ames-on-pc).

Edit: Kai on VGPC has linked a video demonstrating MITM'ing an on-console download using a PC:

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